Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT) is an entirely youth-run 501(c)(4) nonprofit dedicated to localizing the fight against the climate crisis to the state of Wisconsin and empowering and uplifting young people. Our organization has two operating functions: we leverage and harness the collective power of young people through statewide organizing to force political action and we uplift other youth-run organizations in their respective fights for justice. 

YCAT consists of a two-sided structure of governance which includes 7 executive directors, each with their own responsibilities overseeing both the statewide organizing team and maintaining relationships with local grassroots organizing teams. In effort to be as transparent as possible about our organizing, below is a model showing our organizational structure.



It all started when a handful of Madison-area high school students met to discuss the possibility of a strike from school to demand climate justice in the state of Wisconsin. Two hours later, the group had set the roots of a global climate movement in Wisconsin.

Students from across the state started to get involved and the movement became statewide. After weeks of planning the climate strike occurred on March 15 and drew out over 2,000 people across the state and a crowd of over 1,000 in Madison. Young people chanted, occupied the capitol, and made their voices heard.

Following the Strike, organizers felt an obligation to continue to fight for climate justice and so an organization was founded to empower youth voices and advocate for climate justice.

The Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT) was created and is entirely youth run. It comprises of many youth organizers from across the state of Wisconsin and works with multiple partner organizations. We organize actions concurrent with each other at the state level so young people are always welcome to get involved and join our team, wherever they may be located! Our group focuses on organizing demonstrations and directly advocating for environmental reform in the state. Since our founding, we’ve mobilized the population of Wisconsin at an unprecedented and record-breaking scale to take action on the climate crisis.