Josue Gonzalez, Organizer    Instagram: @josuefams

Josue Gonzalez, Organizer

Instagram: @josuefams


Josué Gonzalez ( is a junior at west high school Madison Wisconsin. Josue is a 16 year old Mexican American and his favorite color is blue. He has been advocating for basic human rights and marginalized communities for years. Josue volunteers and works alongside different organizations which he is passionate about and focuses on educating people on climate change and will do anything in order to save his planet. Josue wasn’t into, and didn’t follow politics until the the recently when he started hearing about violence in places where there shouldn’t be such as in school, work and religious places. Josue’s dream is to become an affordable lawyer of the highest caliber who’s able to help defendants who are in poverty and wrongfully accused of wrongdoing or wrongfully sued.