As the only fully youth-run climate action team in Wisconsin, YCAT is leading the fight for climate justice across the state.



Project 2020 is a Wisconsin-based initiative that was founded in mid-2019 to reclaim Presidential town-halls in this state. Every rally or town-hall held by a Presidential Candidate in this state will have YCAT activists present and demonstrating the power young people in this election.



Governor Evers must declare a climate emergency for the future of the planet and the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin politicians need a wakeup call to the crisis that lies before us!


On September 20th…

 Thousands of people in Wisconsin and millions of people across the globe demanded their government takes immediate action on the climate crisis. Our efforts will go down in history as the largest climate mobilization in this state.



Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT) is an entirely youth-run 501(c)(4) nonprofit dedicated to localizing the fight against the climate crisis to the state of Wisconsin and empowering and uplifting young people. Our organization has two operating functions: we leverage and harness the collective power of young people through statewide organizing to force political action and we uplift other youth-run organizations in their respective fights for justice.


march 2019

There will be people who tell you that it’s too late, that this is the way it has always been and it will never change. And when they tell you that, know you are not the first person to be told you cannot change the world and in fact you are in great company.

Ali Muldrow, MMSD School Board Member / Read Full Article




Our digital team and other photographers worked hard to take amazing shots of the September 20th strikes across Wisconsin. Use this link to find pictures and videos of you and your friends taking action: http://bit.ly/2lb8QPY. Feel free to download and share the photos!

Are you a photographer or videographer? Do you want your photos in the archive? Email Aidan Dresang at aldresang@gmail.com.