Danielle Zheng, Organizer    Instagram: @daniellezhengg

Danielle Zheng, Organizer

Instagram: @daniellezhengg


Danielle Zheng (zhengdanielle@hotmail.com) is a sophomore at Appleton North High School in Appleton, Wisconsin. She has actively been involved at her school through her participation in debate, which earned her the title of second speaker in the entire state. Danielle has always had a passion for politics and international relations. She can speak five languages and is a strong advocate for world peace. Danielle started a UNICEF chapter at her school with the desire to change the lives of children in poverty-stricken developing countries. She also hosts her own podcast called The Sapient Swing, which talks about social and political issues that youth today are facing. She is a plant enthusiast who enjoys gardening in her free time. Danielle also loves to cook, read, and learn new languages.